Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Happy New Comics Wednesday 3/5/14 - waffle / Lisa Dittrich's zombie art opening reception & too many great comics edition!!

Today is a HUGE day in many different ways at Alternate Reality Comics! Beside the numerous (and I mean NUMEROUS!) great new comics out today (some of which are in the photos below, including a great SAD issue of Afterlife With Archie, a great first issue of Moon Knight by Warren Ellis), and what's happening to Nightwing in Forever Evil!?), tonight we have the opening reception (5-8pm) of local artist, Lisa Dittrich's zombie art at our Artist Spotlight! We've had a LOT of great artists at our Artist Spotlight over the years, but wait until you see Lisa's zombies (including a hipster zombie and an Abe Lincoln zombie, one of them is in the last photo here)! Lisa is also a great supporter / help to many local artists here in Vegas (she helps out at Blackbird Studios), so I hope everyone comes out and gives her the love she gives so much of! And in conjunction with tonights event...

...we are having Lisa Dittrich's Artist Spotlight opening reception catered by TIABI Coffee & Waffle House, a new great local waffle restaurant close to my store and besides waffle treats, they also make other deserts (and many of their waffles and treats are also vegan)! These yum samplings as well as wine and other beverages will be complimentary during the opening reception tonight from 5-8pm! So I hope to see a lot of Alternate Reality Comics' friends tonight picking up some great new comics and giving lots of ego strokes to Lisa Dittrich, while visiting with other art / zombie lovers and enjoying some TIABI Coffee & Waffle treats! This is our first zombie art show and we couldn't be happier that Lisa Dittrich is the person doing this!

Lisa Dittrich's They have Risen zombie art Artist Spotlight Opening Reception tonight from 5-8pm, bring everyone alive and undead for what's sure to be a FUN evening of great art and great people!

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