Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Happy New Comics Wednesday - 3/26/14; UBER everyone's favorite comics edition!!

This is one of those the stars are all line up weeks, because if your favorite comic isn't out today, you need to get a new favorite comic (grin)! Seriously though, I'm thinking the only way this week would be even more awesome is if a new Afterlife With Archie and Sex Criminals came out (but new issues of those titles came out within the last two weeks ands they were pretty awesome, right!?)!

Sandman Overture #2 - SOOOOO worth the wait - I think everyone will agree! I want to weep with joy with how beautiful this cover is! Miracleman #4 - more Moore styled advancement of where this realistic approach to a Captain Marvel / Shazam character is going - there's enough ideas in this issue for five "normal" comics! Deadly Class gets really dark and rockets up to being one of the comics I most look forward to! Third issue of Serenity post the television and movie, this is a great way to get a fix of where these characters are! The new Ghost Rider REALLY surprised me - I wasn't too keen when I heard that this was an entirely new character and that he has a car, not a motorcycle, but this was really kinetic and makes me want the next issue right now - great art too! Allred and Slott's Silver Surfer was great fun, with great art, definitely will be another hit for the new Marvel Now!
Survive is the post Cataclysm, next phase for the Ultimate universe and if the new series that are upcoming (like Miles Morales and the All New Ultimates) are anywhere close to as good as Survive was, well the future looks bright for the Ultimate universe! Hawkeye (haven't read it yet, but it's next on my pile)! Lots of Avengers titles, including the two main titles this week!
Deadpool looks like another trippy throwback issue! Real Heroes is Bryan Hitch's first time drawing and writing a series! Besides the first Rat Queens trade, other fantastic graphic novels out this week include a new Catwoman volume by Brubaker and one of my favorite artists, Paul Gulacy, two Batwoman collections, and a Paul Pope art book! Also this week, we have a new Walking Dead, in which we see what happens after last issues climatic scene, a VERY BIG issue of Superior Spider-Man, Flash, Teen Titans, Fables, The Wake, and a new Previews!

How great was Ms. Marvel last week!? Right now my favorite new Marvel titles are: Moon Knight, Loki, Ms. Marvel, Daredevil, Silver Surfer, and Ghost Rider! Hope you all are digging some of the new titles out there!

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