Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Happy New Comics Wednesday - Halloween Comicfest / Fillbach Artist Spotlight Opening / Vegas Valley Comic Book Festival Launch Party!!

Three FREE Halloween Comicfest comics for everyone who stops by Alternate Reality Comics today (see fourth photo below!)! Fillbach Brothers Artist Spotlight Opening Reception from 2-8pm today (see details after photos!)! Today we're having an all day launch party (FREE sodas, adult beverages, and snacks!) for this Saturday's 7th Annual Vegas Valley Comic book Festival happening at the Clark County Library right behind my store! And yes, it's New Comics Wednesday too! Saga! Southern Bastards! Tuki Saves The Humans!

Artist Spotlight Opening Reception details!

This will be one of our MOST FUN Artist Spotlight Opening Receptions to date!! Anyone who knows the artistry of the Matt and Shawn Fillbach already know what a great local treasure they are! The Fillbach Bros. definitely appreciate their fans & make sure everyone has a FUN time! Their Artist Spotlight Opening Reception will also be our launch party for the 7th Annual Vegas Valley Comic Book Festival happening Saturday, November 1st! Matt & Shawn Fillbach are presently doing some great comics for the NEW First Comics (which will also be available during their Opening Reception), some of said titles include: Captain Freebird, Lives, Tales of the S.S. Junky Star, and Frickin' Butt-Kickin' Zombie Ants! Some of you may be familiar with their Star Wars Clone Wars comics, Roadkill, & Maxwell Strangewell - they will have original art on display from these comics! Everyone who comes gets FREE comics from this years Halloween Comicfest selections (did I mention they're FREE!?!)! Bring your friends for GREAT art, GREAT artists, a guaranteed GREAT time (special time 2-8pm), FREE comics, & you probably want to bring a designated driver (grin)!

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