Friday, April 11, 2008

Alucard in a box

As those of you who have cats know, most cats just love to get into boxes or bags. This never becomes not funny or cute to us cat people. Alucard just about always does something to amuse Kate and myself (fortunately he doesn't walk across our upstairs stair beams anymore though because that always looked like an accident waiting to happen). Call me a simpleton if you must, but one of my daily joys in life is when Alucard curls or stretches along side me on the couch and sleeps (or when he digs himself into our unmade bed in the mornings or lies upon a pile of towels).

This concludes my cat interlude, I'll now be returning to more comic centric entries...


Camila said...

diego does that all the time!

he is crazy :P

Ralph Mathieu said...

Crazy in this case is good - hope you're having a good weekend Camila!

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