Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Epstein illos

This wonderful color piece was done by the amazing Lark Pien

(http://larkpien.blogspot.com) last year for me and is titled: "Alternate Reality Comics...how it all began." I didn't even ask her to do this - she just handed this to me at last year's Wondercon!

This is one of my favorite artist interpretations of Epstein (that's my store mascot's name with the original drawing by Keir Eastveld) by artist Joe Matt (Peepshow). For a couple of years I had a sketchbook that I'd take around with me to the San Diego convention and would ask artists to draw their versions of Epstein. I stopped doing this though because I felt guilty about these artists doing this for free being that the character design is so busy and I've got quite a few drawings in my book so no need for me to continue being greedy! Maybe at a future Las Vegas Drink and Draw I'll have the people that show up take a crack at doing their version of Epstein (I forgot to mention that the theme of last month's Drink and Draw was for people to draw either Iron Man or a mermaid).


Camila said...

hey those are cool pictures :D

Alcoholiday said...

If I was in town for Drink n' Draw, I'd be glad to draw Epstien!
I'm out in El Paso right now, planning on being in Colorado by Saturday.
If I get some down time and the urge to draw, I'll take a pic of the result and post it!