Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Drink & Draw pt. 2!

This Thursday, May 1st at Mickie Finnz (425 Fremont St. on the corner of Las Vegas Blvd.), will be the second Las Vegas gathering of the Drink and Draw Social Club. The fun starts at 7pm until the booze and or drawing paper runs out! If things play out as they did at the first Drink & Draw that was such a smashing great time last month, there'll be prize "drawings" held every half hour or so throughout the night. The contests aren't based on who draws the best as Drink & Draw is just about having fun. They'll probably have a theme or two to kick start what people draw, but you could of course draw anything. Even if you're not a drinker or "drawer", Drink & Draw is a fun way to hang out with others because the creative energy just charges the whole place (and they've got a good menu if you get the hungries)!

A little movie called Iron Man, that a few people are eager to see, is opening the same night (with some theaters having an 8pm showing), but I hope that doesn't stop people from going to this Thursday's Drink & Draw. Actually If you're going to an Iron Man viewing (and it is getting good early reviews), I'd think that going to Mickie Finzz for the Drink & Draw before or afterwards would be a great way to have a geektastic evening! Go to www.myspace.com/drinkanddraw_vegas for more details.

And for those of you reading my blog who were paying attention last week when I said I'd blog today about Free Comic Book Day coming up this Saturday, May 3rd, well I'm going to move that post to Thursday so I hope you don't take off points from me!

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