Saturday, October 25, 2008

funny tattoos

This obviously isn't a tattoo, but rather a photo of the actor on the 1970's show Fantasy Island who's character name for some reason that I don't know was Tattoo. It would be funny to get a tattoo of Tattoo, but I'm not going to even though I'd win in one of my circle of friends!

Over on this comic book messageboard I was on today they were talking about / showing their tattoos - so, no, this isn't my new tattoo!

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wutthi.20 said...

In your site i learned more something. I will keep reading. Thanks ^_^

Learning all about tattoo designs.
Tribal Tattoo Designs

Happy New Comics Wednesday 8/16/17 - Big Metal #1 release, Kirby 100th B-Day Celebration local artist opening tonight (with a HUGE Kirby cake), & Very Awesome Girls LV Book Drive / Bake Sale this Saturday edition!!

 I hope everyone has stayed off of the interwebs and not had this first issue spoiled! After these three photos showing some of the comics...