Monday, October 27, 2008

Michelle Obama Live In Vegas!

Tonight Michelle Obama had a campaign stop at a local park here in Las Vegas and this visit was on the heels of her husband's stop at a local high school only two days ago. I haven't been able to make any of the other campaign stops by Barack or Michelle Obama because they were during my store's hours so I was happy to be able to attend this 9pm visit by Michelle (just hours after she recorded her guest spot on the Jay Leno Show airing later tonight).
Michelle Obama, as anyone who's heard her talk, is a great speaker. She talked for at least a half hour on health care, the economy, and the war in Iraq, without using a telepromter as a local newscast reported. The same newscast talked to people who said Michelle's speech was even better than her husbands on Saturday (which I wasn't able to attend).
The crowd was great and of course really fired up and it was a fantastic night to be outside. Although, yes, going to one of these campaign stops involves waiting around for a few hours before the main event, I thought it was totally worth it because I know that everyone that was there will be all the more supportive of the Obama Presidency.
Having heard Michelle Obama talk in person, I think I'm going to change my vote to her! Seriously though, she is a highly intelligent, passionate person and I don't think that the idea of her actually running for President some time after Barack, is a crazy thought at all. As some of you readers of my blog may remember, originally I was in Hillary Clinton's corner as the Democratic choice, not because I didn't think that Obama would be a great President, but rather because with his young age, I knew he'd have another shot after Hillary, but tonight I thought more about how things played out between Obama and Clinton and I now think that Obama really is the better choice as his Presidency will be the road to change this country needs.


Nicole said...

Aw man! You get Michelle and I get Palin. So not fair! I'll have to send you pictures of our little crowd of protesters outside her event. It was inspiring even if we were small compared to those in line.

Ralph Mathieu said...

Nicole, I was talking to your dad (who was supposed to send me your email address) yesterday and he told me that Palin was coming to your school and I knew you'd be excited (ha, as if!). Hopefully Pennsylvania doesn't become the new Florida in next week's election. I was hppy to hear (but not surprised) that you and Lorraine were volunteering and canvasing. Next week is going to be uber exciting and I really have no doubts that most people will have finally woken up after this past eight years and Obama will be our President-elect!