Thursday, October 23, 2008

Starbucks week 24 - open!

Today, after six months of construction, my new neighbor, Starbucks, is open for business. I want to say off the bat that I think it's a great looking building (interior is nice also) and I'd also like to tip my hat to the construction team as they really got this building up in a hurry - I even saw them working on Sundays.

So being that it's the first day of the new Starbucks I had to get one of their first cups and welcome them to the neighborhood. I had the venti (extra large) Pike Place coffee and it was okay, not the best coffee I've ever had. It's named after Seattle's excellent outdoor / indoor downtown market, Pike Place Market. Anyway, I'm not saying it was bad, just not my favorite flavor and I think next time I'll try whatever their daily coffee selection is. I don't drink any of the fancy euro coffee drinks (especially as most of them have dairy in them, although I guess I could have some of them with soymilk), but I do like to try different types of coffee (with one or two packs of Splenda, depending on the size of the cup) and not having been into a Starbucks in awhile, I was happy to see that all of their drinks aren't $5.00 (mine cost $2.10). I don't know if they're doing this for everyone who comes in and buys a coffee (or for how long they'll be doing this), but they gave me a 2.5oz bag of a blend called Caffe Verona Bold (and they gave me that before I introduced myself as the owner of the comic store a stone's throw from them) so I'll be trying that at the house tomorrow morning.

I've only been drinking coffee since I turned 35 a few years ago and generally I'll just have one cup when we wake up to get a kick start on the day, but every once in a while I'll have another cup at some other part of the day - I'm crazy that way! To date I haven't found that one kind of coffee that is a favorite, so maybe with Starbucks being a hop and a skip from my store, through them I'll discover my elusive, favorite can't-live-without coffee blend!


Nicole said...

I don't know about finding your favorite coffee blend there. I like Starbucks alright but I've found that their normal coffee tastes burnt or something, and I'm not sure if it's just the place in Shippensburg or if it's like that everywhere.
Just warning you, I like good coffee, Heck, I drink it black with no sugar but I am not as fond of their stuff.
Oh, and, yeah, hi! I didn't know I could comment on here but apparently I can now that I have my gmail account working again. Hooray!

Ralph Mathieu said...

Hi Nicole! Glad to see that you find time between what I'm sure is a heavy, hard class load to read my silly blog. I was just thinking of you last week when I watched Supernatural (the black and white episode which took place in Pennsylvania) with Kate. Did you do any Oktoberfest type things this month?

Nicole said...

Not really, my friend and I just happened to go the restaurant when they were having some oktoberfest celebration but the food wasn't that great. I shouldn't diss it either since their was an ompa band there and everyone was friendly.
My class schedule hasn't been so horrible as my extra-curricular activities. I've been doin' a lot of canvassing and so on for Obama. It has been really eatin' away at my time. That and the clubs I'm running don't help. Punkin' Chunkin' is next weekend, too! Too much to do. I haven't picked up a comic in weeks! *Sob*