Sunday, May 15, 2011

Free Comic Book Day 2011 was off the hook with FUN!!

Sorry I'm just now getting my FCBD 2011 Ich Liebe Comics! entry up, but I've had a crazy busy week with my friend Rick Tucker (who was my first Sunday store herald from 1995-1997, he was visiting from Florida) and doing a cool little remodeling thang here at the store.

I'm still on a super high from how well EVERYTHING came together last Saturday for the first free comic Book Day at Alternate Reality Comics' new location! In this first photo here is a really good friend of mine, Janice Rollins - I'm so glad that she and her boy toys (grin) made it out!

From left to right: local artist Brice Gielens, local artist Warren Wucinich, and as uber cool Harley Quinn, Kit Kendall! Brice and Kit also have a website facebook page on which they have some cool things you should check out (and some you can even buy)! I don't have a photo here of Rick Tucker, but he also drew for the multitudes that showed up. I've got more photos of last Saturday on my store facebook page, Alternate Reality Comics, Las Vegas! (with photos of some of the art done that day), so I hope that those of you who aren't already checking out that page, will do so.
Lucky me, with Stephanie Payne and her V.A.G.I.N.A. gals (Very Awesome Girls Into Nerdy Activities), sporting their new capes which Stephanie made! They also made cupcakes (!!) for the peoples and were a BIG part of the entertainment of the day!

Another good friend of me and Kate (who was going to cosplay as Tank Girl, but she was trying to shake this dumb cold I gave her), who has cosplayed and helped us out at previous FCBDs, this year cosplaying as a Star Trek crew member, with Sewit - seriously, I'm SOOOOO happy that everyone was having such a FUN time!

Local teacher and comic book enthusiast, David Jurvelin, with his lovely daughters who definitely share David's love of all things comic book related!

I want to give a HUGE thank you to everyone who came out to Alternate Reality Comics' 2011 FCBD celebration (and readers of Ich Liebe Comics! who were there in spirit) - this was our biggest FCBD EVER and that's saying a lot, as FCBD has been tremendous every year! I'd also like to thank my heralds, Paul Thompkins, Jim McKenzie, and Jason Lovin, for helping me in many many ways that made everything run as smoothly as it did last Saturday! Thanks to artists Brice Gielgens, Warren Wucinich, and Rick Tucker, for doing your drawing magic for the peoples - lots of people got VERY cool illos and had big smiles on their faces. HUGE thanks also to Kit Kendall, who cosplays the best Harley Quinn I've ever seen, Christy Young, for her awesome Star Trek cosplay, and to the V.A.G.I.N.A. gals for being great eye candy and giving people photo moments they'll treasure for a long time! Thanks also to the Muncheeze food truck who came out!

Of course FCBD wouldn't be possible without Joe Field, of Flying Color Comics, in Concord, California, who invented the day, so a big tip of my hat to Mr. Field! And hugs and love to the comic creators of this years' FCBD selections, Diamond Comics Distribution and the publishers! I really hope I haven't forgotten to thank anyone, but I'm actually still trying to process all of the excitement of that day, so if I did, I'll chalk it up to that! As much fun as everyone who came out for Alternate Reality Comics' 2011 FCBD celebration was looking like they were having, multiple that by 100 for how much fun I was having that day!

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