Paying For It; Chester Brown

Paying For It, Chester Brown's new graphic novel about his experiences / thoughts with prostitutes, will be one of the very most controversial books (not just graphic novels, all books) of the year. Whatever your thoughts are about prostitutes and those that frequent them, you won't be able to put Paying For It down once you get started reading it (unless you come into this reading experience looking to get stimulated sexually through another person's sexual exploits).

Paying For It gets my highest possible recommendation, it is engaging, thought provoking, and highly entertaining. I will almost feel guilty asking you to "pay for this book" (grin), but this is a graphic novel you will want to share with others to see what their reactions will be.


Evan said…
I think I'll get this one, now that school's done...
Ralph Mathieu said…
Or you could read the one Camila wanted me to save for her.
Paul said…

This is a great interview with Chester Brown on the Too Much Information podcast.

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