Sunday, July 28, 2013

Courtney Crumrin; Ted Naifeh & Warren Wucinich

 Today, in between going to the Very Awesome Girls Into Nerdy Activities car wash fund raiser for Shade Tree at the Pinball Hall of Fame and working out, I'm going to revisit three graphic novels, Courtney Crumrin, Black Summer, and WE3. Which one will I like best?

First up is Courtney Crumrin, written and drawn by Ted Naifeh and colored by local artist, Warren Wucinich.

Courtney Crumrin, is the story of Courtney Crumrin and her spooky adventures having moved to a mansion that some say is haunted, owned by one of her relatives. Courtney isn't one of those girls who fit in with everyone around her and she's mostly okay with that, actually she comes to embrace this quality. Courtney Crumrin is an all ages comic / graphic novel and will appeal to anyone who likes stories with mystery and light horror, with a good sampling of humor.

For me, the real star of Courtney Crumrin is the art and colors. Courtney Crumin was originally published in black and white, and as great as Ted Naifeh's art looked in the absence of color, anyone who even flips through this book will agree with me that Warren Wucinich's colors really amps up Naifeh's already fantastic art - seriously, this is some of the best coloring out there (and I'm not just saying that because Warren's a good friend!)!

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