Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Happy New Comics Wednesday 7/24/13; post San Diego edition!

 Welcome back San Diego Comic-Con attendees! This weeks comic menu will have you feasting on the Hawkeye Annual, with a spotlight on Kate Bishop, drawn by the ever amazing Javier Pulido, the first issue of Hunger (what does Galactus have to do with the future of the Ultimate universe!?), Young Avengers (such a great issue, with quite the last page!), New Avengers, Uncanny Avengers, the second issue of Greg Rucka and Michael Larks' Lazarus,...

 ...the second issue of Pak & lee's Batman / Superman (we still have copies of issue one left!), Justice League Dark (third part of the Trinity War), Larfleeze, Constantine, a new Spidey title; Superior Spider-Man Team-Up, and a new issue of Doc oct as Spider-Man,...

 ...the second issue of Uncanny, a new Rocketeer (a meet up with the Spirit!), All Star Western, a new Fairest trade, Flash, Bounce, Unwritten, Captain America, Aquaman, Mind Mgmt., and a new Previews! See you all in a couple of hours!

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Happy New Comics Wednesday 7/12/17 - The Casting #1, Kill Or be Killed, Wonder Woman, American Gods, Spider-Men, Flash, Darth Vader edition!

 And yes, back by popular demand, New Comics on Wednesday (sorry about the hiccups with our shipper the past two weeks!)!