Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Happy New Comics Wednesday 7/17/13 & Happy San Diego Comic-Con for those of you going!

Happy New Comics Wednesday to those of you that aren't going to the pop culture spectacle that is the San Diego International Comic-Con this week -  and to those of you going, say hi to all 125,000 people from me and Alternate Reality Comics! I hope everyone has a superFUN time at the big show, especially if this is your first San Diego Comic-Con!

Today's releases see a new issue of the pretty great Thanos Rising, Batwoman, Batman 1966 ( a really fun comic in the spirit of the 1960's television show!), Mysterious Strangers (a lot of you may know this comic as The Strangers from Free Comic Book day - issues one and two are out today), and two of the graphic novels I'm most looking forward to reading this year, Genius, by Seagle & Kristiansen (the did one of my favorite graphic novels of all time, It's A Bird) and Goddamn This War, by Tardi & Verney (the creators of the excellent WWI graphic novel It Was The War of the Trenches). 

Some other titles I'm looking forward to reading include: Ultimate Spider-Man, All New X-Men, Thor, Avengers, Beirut 1969, Trinity (actually I read this when it came out in hardcover and it's a great recounting of the creation of the atomic bomb)...

...a Paul Pope comic (!!), Nova (and I'm happy to report that the new creative team looks like a great transition from the previous team!), Fantastic Four, FF, Justice League of America (second part of the Trinity War), Wonder Woman, Powers Bureau, Scarlet (four Bendis titles this week!), Animal Man, Fables, and X Factor! 


Arion said...

That's a great selection of titles. By the way, just like you, I'm a huge fan of Young Avengers, and I'm glad to see Gillen and McKelvie are doing such an extraordinary work. If you read issue # 4 check the letters section (mine got published under my real name Arcadio BolaƱos).

Arion said...

Oh, and if you want to read my opinions about Young Avengers please check my blog: