Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Happy New Comics Wednesday 7/31/13! Great mix edition!

Grant Morrison's last issue of Batman Inc. leads today's selections! Also a new Vertigo title, Collider, the third issue of Scott Snyder's The Wake, and a NEW issue of Optic Nerve (I'm sure this will be my favorite this week after I read it!)! Adventure Time Special #1 and finally a trade paperback collection of Jason Hall & Cliff Chiang's Beware The Creeper! (a very cool 1920's version of the Creeper!)

Marvel's offerings today are heavy on the X titles side, but if you were hoping an Avengers title would also be in the mix, you'll be sad (grin - I'm sure next week there'll be 24 of them!), as well as a new Daredevil, Guardians of the Galaxy (with Angela - what's she doing in the Marvel universe!?), and FF!

DC's got five annuals out this week, Flash, Batman, Detective, Superman, and Animal Man, and while it's a slower week for Image titles, Sex is out so things aren't all bad, right (grin)!? Also fresh red vines and everyone should stop by and meet Bat Gonzo!

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Happy New Comics Wednesday 6/21/17 - before you go to this weekend's Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con, you should stop by Alternate because just look at the titles out tomorrow edition!!

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