Friday, August 2, 2013

Strange Attractors; Charles Soule & Greg Scott

Strange Attractors is a new hardcover graphic novel written by Charles Soule and drawn by Greg Scott. Charles Soule has all of the makings of a great "new" voice on the comic writing scene. He previously did 27, for Image, a mini series that centered around that age that several legendary rock artists died at. Presently he's doing some interesting things as the new writer of Swamp Thing, Red Lanterns, and Thunderbolts, and he's got a new series called Letter 44 about space travel and secret histories coming out from Oni Press, and he'll be writing the upcoming Superman / Wonder Woman series. Artist Greg Scott, is primarily a fine art and design artist and Strange Attractors is his first sequential work and a very impressive debut it is!
One of the primary characters of Strange Attractors is Dr. Spencer Brownfield, who believes that he has been holding New York City together for years from unraveling through a series of Chaos Theory actions he takes. He gets the attention of Heller Wilson, who initially buys into his hypothesis concerning the interconnectedness of NYC and how it's important to continue to follow through on what Brownfield is doing (claims to be doing) or New York City will totally collapse. This premise may seem more than a little out there, but writer Charles Soule sells this right from the onset of Strange Attractors, making this graphic novel a very different kind of story and as I'm thinking about it just now, this is the closest we'll get to seeing what Alan Moore set out to do with his ambitious Big Numbers that was never completed, but had the same theme. Ultimately though, as Charles Soule states in his into, Strange Attractors is his love letter to New York City and reading it really makes me want to pay a proper visit to that city (I'd only been there previously for one day, way back in 1980)!

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