Wednesday, August 14, 2013

New Comics Wednesday 8/14/13! One of those all the greats are out weeks!

So I've only read two of this week's comics thus far, Walking Dead and Infinity. I have a good reasons reasons though, I saw a sneak peek of Kick Ass 2 last night and I've finally gotten around to reading the novel Marvel The Untold Story by Steve Howe (I'm on page 250 of its 430 pages, I rarely have times for novels anymore, so this is a good pace for me in the span of a few days). Marvel The Untold Story is an utterly fascinating history of the evolution of Marvel Comics, from its start as Timely Comics in 1941 all the way to Marvel as we know it today - being that I've read comics since 1975 and have always read what I could about the behind the scenes developments, I knew about quite a bit of what's within these pages, but Howe has talked to many people who were at Marvel and he's unearthed some really interesting comic book history that I hadn't heard previously (such as the Black Panther was going to originally be called the Coal Tiger!!).

Walking Dead - a CRAZY good issue, so much crazy in this issue, you'll want the next one immediately after reading this issue! And look at the other big Image releases this week: a new issue of Saga (!) - yes, it's been a few months, but between new story arcs they like to give Fiona Staples a chance to get ahead, new issues of East of West, True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys, and the  second issue of Ghosted (we still have copies of the great first issue left)! And Congressman, John Lewis's graphic novel, March, about the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s, with art by Nate Powell, makes its post San Diego Comic-Con debut!

Infinity is Marvel's next big event involving Thanos and the Inhumans, written by Jonathan Hickman. Hickman is one of my favorite thinking outside of the box writers when he's on, as with his East of West, Manhattan Projects, and Fantastic Four. Presently he's also writing Avengers and New Avengers, but those two titles have mostly just been big ideas, with little being revealed on how everything is connected. Hickman is good with connecting his big ideas, so I have confidence that he will start bring the ideas, characters, and concepts he's got going on in his Avengers books together and it looks like he's going to do this largely in Infinity.

Infinity is almost 50 pages in length, so it's almost the size of three comics, and there's a lot of big things being hinted at within the first issue, with great art by Jimmy Cheung. I'd like to have more of a sense of what exactly is going on with Infinity, but again, I trust Hickman to bring everything together and I'm looking forward to big things happening with Thanos and the Inhumans (and the first 40 people who buy this title today at Alternate Reality Comics today will get a free Infinity Scottie Young "print"!).

Damn, I just back-spaced my third photo out of this entry (I upload these photos at the store Tuesday night after I put the new titles on the shelves and then write my blog on Wednesday morning at my house so don't have access to my photos which are on my store computer)! Anyway, if this photo was here like it's supposed to be you'd see that the fourth chapter of the Justice League Trinity War is out, as well as the second issue of Adventure Time Candy Capers, the third chapter of Batman Zero Year, Thor, Batgirl, Fantastic Four, and Nightwing, are some of the other big titles out today!

Those of you who are really paying attention will have noticed that I have Trillium on one of my new spotlight racks in the photo above and that this is a title that came out last week. Yes, Trillium did come out last week and although I had good traffic with this new Jeff Lemire Vertigo first issue love story that spans a thousand years, I think there's many people who may have missed this - seriously, everyone who likes Saga will like Trillium - money back guarantee at Alternate Reality Comics!

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