Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Happy New Comics Wednesday 8/28/13!! Big FUN day!! New Artist Spotlight, benefit for Hero Initiative, Read Comics In Public Day, & lots of great NEW comics!

Wednesday, August 28th, our Artist Spotlight opening reception will debut 12 (!!) new paintings by local artist Ed Nesmith from 5-8pm! This is happening on an especially exciting day as it is Jack "King" Kirby's birthday (the artistic mind that co-created over half of Marvel's characters)!

To further celebrate Kirby's birthday, back in 2010, Read Comics In Public Day was established to increase awareness of the greatness of this medium! In conjunction with Jillian Kirby's (Jack's grand-daughter!) Kirby4heroes, we'll be donating a portion of the day's sales to Hero Initiative, an organization that helps comic creators in need! This will be a great way to give back to the people who make our beloved sequential arts possible.

In addition to viewing & meeting local artist Ed Nesmith, Ed has graciously offered to draw for anyone! We'll have complimentary snacks, wine &, other beverages! We hope to see you and your friends at Ed Nesmith's Artist Spotlight opening reception supporting GREAT local art and a GREAT cause in the Hero Initiative, while enjoying GREAT company and conversation! (The Cap painting shown here is one of Ed's pieces that will be rocking our Artist Spotlight!)

 Happy 96th birthday Jack Kirby - we wish you were still with us, but your numerous creations are immortal and will entertain many more generations to come!

 Some peeps Reading Comics In Public (third annual celebration, but all of my Ich Liebe Comics! readers do this all the time anyway, right!?)!

So I'm picking up our pallet of comics this morning (hopefully they'll be there closer to 6:30am than not) as our trucking company goofed up (AARRRRGGGGH!), meaning we probably won't have the new titles processed until about 11:30am (thanks for your patience and continuing patronage of Alternate Reality Comics!). What are some of the big titles that WILL be on sale today for New Comics Wednesday? Roll call:

Justice League #23, the conclusion of Trinity War which is supposed to lead directly into next week's Forever Evil #1 (which everyone has signed up for, right?), Young Avengers (supposed to be a really dramatic issue), the conclusion of Thanos Rising (which has been really good), Lazarus #3 (one of our new favs), third issue of Secret (finally!), Ultimate Spider-Man, Uncanny X-Men, Flash, Angel, Unwritten (there's a great Fables crossover going on here), and really a lot of other titles I'm spacing on as I'm going out the door to pick p the shipment - but remember Alternate Reality Comics is donating a portion of our sales today to the Hero Initiative, a non profit organization that helps comic creators in need, so everyone's purchase today will make a big difference! Also hope to see a lot of my friends tonight from 5-8pm for local artist, Ed Nesmith's Artist Spotlight Opening Reception - info on top paragraph for those of you who just scrolled down (the Captain America painting above is one of his 18 paintings that will be unveiled!)! Thanks comic book friends!

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