Sunday, August 25, 2013

Red Handed The Fine Art of Strange Crimes; Matt Kindt

 Red Handed The Fine Art of Strange Crimes is a new graphic novel by one of the most unique / inventive creators working in comics / graphic novels today, Matt Kindt. This excellent, full color hardcover is published by First Second, a company that has a great track record publishing great graphic novels.

Red Handed is, like most of Matt Kindt's alternative comic book creations (Pistolwhip with Jason Hall, SuperSpy, Two Sisters, and his excellent comic / graphic novel series Mind Mgt. from Dark Horse), hard to narrow down as to what genre it should be placed with, but I'd say that on the surface it could comfortably fit in any crime fiction section. Describing what Red Handed is about isn't a simple thing to do either, but at the same time it does have a narrative that you'll be able to understand while you're reading it, while you're also wondering what various subplots and other characters have to do with the greater whole - and they all very much have something to do with the greater whole. 

 Matt Kindt has been working in this medium for something like fifteen years now, he came out of the gate strong and he's only getting better. Red Handed The Fine Art of Strange Crimes will definitely be on my top ten list (probably top five) for best graphiic novels of 2013.

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