Wednesday, August 7, 2013

New Comics Wednesday 8/07/13! And Saturday Las Vegas Valley Humane Society Benefit Silent Auction!

  A most excellent Happy New Comics Wednesday to all of ye! My pick for one of the best new series to debut in recent memory, is Trillium, written and drawn by Jeff Lemire and published by Vertigo. Trillium is a love story that spans the time stream and the way it begins is truly different (and Lemire's art is excellent!)! Speaking of great first issues, JMS' Sidekick is a really good, dark take on the kid sidekick superhero story! We also get two really entertaining issues of Swamp Thing and Kick Ass, and the second issue of Hunger (which is the start of what's going to ultimately happen to the Ultimate Universe) and the collected Alan Moore Fashion Beast have arrived...

 This week's All New X-Men is probably my favorite issue to date of this series (with some interesting interaction between Hank and Jean as you can see from this cover), three different Spidey titles are out today (which includes the second issue of Superior Carnage), Avengers, second issue of Deadpool Kills Deadpool and the second Avengers A.I, and Cable and X Force.

 DC is back after last week's annuals, with Detective, Action, and Earth 2, and a new issue of the great crime horror series Fatale, by Brubaker & Phillips is out today! And important fun event news for the benefit for the Las Vegas Valley Humane Society Benefit / Silent Auction we're having at Alternate Reality Comics this Saturday from 12-4pm!:

San Diego Comic-Con exclusives silent auction (some of the items up are: Thunderbolts action figure set, Deadpool Taco Truck action figure set, sketchbooks, variants), raffle prizes (everyone who comes to the event gets one free raffle ticket; some of the prizes are hardcover graphic novels, Hello Kitty Monopoly, gift certificates), we'll have local artists Warren Wucinich,Joyce Hedelund, & Donovan Petersen doing sketches for people for donations, & the Very Awesome Girls Into Nerdy Activities will be making baked goods for your small donations! The only way this will be more fun is if you tell everyone you know about this benefit for our furry friends!

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