Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Happy New Comics Wednesday! DC Bombshell & Walking Dead edition!

Just want to say upfront that this week's DC Bombshell covers are really nice eye candy! And Walking Dead continues its next phase in strong fashion!

Original Sins is a five issue spin off title, with each issue featuring two stories. The first one in this issue features a new Deathlok (a new series will follow the conclusion of Original Sin) and a Young Avengers story that continues into next issue.
A new issue of Mark Millar's Starlight is out today, as well as new issues of Bendis' The United States of Murder, Captain Marvel, Mighty Avengers, Astro City, Manifest Destiny, and Shutter.
New first issues out today (of which I haven't gotten a chance to read yet), include The Empty Man written by Cullen Bunn, Red City (a sci-fi crime comic), and Wildfire, by Matt Hawkins and Linda Sejic. And the first issue of Didio and Giffen's Infinity Man and the Forever People looks like a great Kirby homage comic!

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