Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Happy New Comics Wednesday - HUGE WEEK of excitement!! Starting with today's GREAT new comics, Brian Haberlin Artist Spotlight (!!) tonight, & this weekend's Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con @ the South Point!!

Original Sin #4! Yes there's an answer of sorts as to what happened at the end of issue #3 and there's... (I know this is the first comic everyone will read first, so that's all I'm saying!)!
The Wicked + Divine #1 is a new Image series by the creative team of Phonogram, Suburban Glamor, and Young Avengers, Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie and it's a HUGE money back guarantee comic here at Alternate Reality Comics! Witchcraft (or is it?), great characters, and great art and we've got three fantastic covers for you to chose from (including one by Bryan O'Mallery, the creator of Scott Pilgrim! Sex Criminals returns and new issues of Elektra and Daredevil!
More fantastic DC Bombshell cover variants! The second issue of Millar's MPH is also out today as is Thor, Uncanny X-Men, Unwritten, Fatale, Fables, Alex + Ada, and Manhattan Projects!

Here's some details about tonight's exciting Artist Spotlight opening reception featuring Brian Haberlin (really, please come and visit and see Brian's art, you will be blown away, especially when you see his demos of what his Shifter and Anomaly graphic novels do beyond their physical printed pages!):

ALTERNATE REALITY COMICS, in association with ANOMALY PRODUCTIONS and DIGITAL ART TUTORIALS, is proud to present BRIAN HABERLIN for a very special ARTIST SPOTLIGHT engagement!

Are you ready to rock the AMAZING LAS VEGAS COMIC-CON (June 20-22nd at the South Point)?

We are! To get everyone energized for the show, fan favorite comic book artist, writer, editor and producer, BRIAN HABERLIN (Spawn, Witchblade, Anomaly), will be in town a couple days early to kickstart Las Vegas’ best comic convention with an Artist Spotlight gallery showing at Alternate Reality Comics!

Join us on June 18, from 5 to 8pm (you know…”after work”), at Alternate Reality Comics for all the festivities. Walk the gallery and see the humble beginnings of marquee characters (including Witchblade, which he co-created) and dazzling original paintings from comics as well as deeply personal works brought to life on canvas in addition to pen and ink.

There will be FREE GIVEAWAYS including Anomaly Productions’ now-famous smartphone and tablet enabled posters, postcards and stickers. This is augmented reality done the way everyone else wishes they could do augmented reality! (And they work on Apple AND Android devices…phones and tablets.) There will also be FREE DRAWINGS for Digital Art Tutorial DVDs which will show you production-tested tools, tips and techniques for artists of every level and a very special drawing for an ART ORIGINAL!

And hey…if you just want to bring your comic collections for autographs, he’ll do that, too!

You feeling the conventioning love, yet? You know you have to be there!

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