Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Happy New Comics Wednesday! You won't believe what happens in Original Sin #3!! Afterlife With Archie - glorious trade collection! Miracleman!!

Original Sin #3 - WOW, craziness abounds in this issue! I wouldn't lie about something like this - I hope you've stayed away from spoilers! And if you're not already on the great horror train that is Afterlife With Archie - well today is the perfect time to get on board as the trade paperback collecting the first arc is out and it's a beautiful production all around! Miracleman; Miracledog!? - yup, this great series, that was the first taking superheroes to the next level, show how Alan Moore handles super-powered animals! And a great issue of Magneto too!
See these pretty covers on the bottom row of this display above? This is DC's first week of doing Bombshell / Pinup covers on some of their titles (they're going to do this for two months on about three or four titles a week)! And the Action Comics is the next chapter in the Doomsday "Doomed" storyarc that is in the Superman titles (with many of the issues going to second print, to give you an idea of how well this story is being received)!
More glorious Afterlife With Archie! Can you tell this is one of my very favorite comics being produced today!? Read it and you'll see why!

I just noticed that one of my photos didn't upload here (sob, sob), which showed the display of this week's Loki (great issue, of course), Magneto (also great), Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-Man, Amazing X-Men Annual featuring Storm, a new hardcover collection of a great Arkham Asylum mini series, and Black Widow (featuring Daredevil)! Also out this week are the second issues of The Woods and Nailbiter! Cyclops and Swamp Thing too!

Did I mention that Original Sin #3 is crazy (grin)!?

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