Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Dark Knight - no spoilers!

Kate and I saw Batman The Dark Knight today with our friends Kyle and Man and we all liked it a lot. The movie moves along at a pretty good pace early on and I'm thinking that it's a good movie, but not a great movie, but then it reaches a point where it becomes great and just keeps getting better. Even if the rest of the movie stank (which it doesn't), it would be worth seeing just for Heath Ledger's portrayal of the Joker. Heath's Ledger's Joker is totally psychotic and will go down as one of the great villains of cinema. This isn't just a good super hero movie, but like others have said, it's a really good movie that gives the viewer something to chew on beyond the big budget action sequences and seriously this movie should have been rated R as it really puts the "DARK" in Dark Knight. I still wish there was a way to make the Batman costume look more like the comic book version, but the armored bat suit didn't impair my giving The Dark Knight a big thumbs up and Christian Bale is especially good again as Bruce Wayne.


Camila said...

you should see wall-e :D

Ralph Mathieu said...

Camila, actually I saw Wall-E a couple of weeks ago and was underwhelmed (Kate liked it). Wall-E is getting super fantastic reviews, but I just left the movie thinking is that all there is and feeling that I'd seen that movie before. Maybe my expectations were too high, which I thought would happen with The Dark Knight as I'd heard that was also getting fantastic reviews, but fortunately that wasn't the case.

Camila said...


poor wall-e, he must be sad and crying


pixar holds a special place in my heart :D

how do you leave a movie though? Even if the movie sucks, it is so expense to go, I wouldn't leave my seat even if a natural disaster hit :O

Did you like Presto?

Camila said...



Ralph Mathieu said...

I didn't actually leave Wall-E until it was over - sorry my wording was misleading. I've never left a movie before it was over although there's certainly movies that would have warranted doing so. And I diidn't thiink Wall-E was awful, just eh.