Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Howard the Duck Omnibus!

Today the uber huge all encompassing Steve Gerber Howard The Duck Omnibus came out and it is a stellar collection worthy of this great comic book chararacter from the 1970's. Steve Gerber created Howard the Duck as a throw away character in a Man-Thing storyline in the early 70's, but shortly thereafter he asked Stan Lee if he could give Howard his own title - Stan Lee said yes. Howard the Duck was hugely popular in the mid 70's as the everyman approach resonated with people that were looking for something different from the standard super hero comics and Gerber's satire of popular culture and politics of the time were spot on.

In addition to some of Steve Gerber's best writing, the Howard The Duck Omnibus features great art by Val Mayrik, Frank Brunner, John Buscemea, Gene Colan, and Steve Leialoha.

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kreeson1 said...

I picked it up the other day, and the stuff still holds up. Thanks again Mr Gerber!

Happy New Comics Wednesday 8/16/17 - Big Metal #1 release, Kirby 100th B-Day Celebration local artist opening tonight (with a HUGE Kirby cake), & Very Awesome Girls LV Book Drive / Bake Sale this Saturday edition!!

 I hope everyone has stayed off of the interwebs and not had this first issue spoiled! After these three photos showing some of the comics...