Wednesday, May 6, 2009

LOEG Century: 1910

No spoilers following:

Today the new League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (LOEG) makes its glorious debut at most comic book stores across the land. This new LOEG is titled Century because its three volumes span a century, with this first volume titled 1910, the second will be 1969, and the third will be 2010. All three volumes will be fairly self contained and eighty pages for a mere $7.95.

The three central characters of 1910 are Murray, Quartermain, and Orlando (who we've met in Black Dossier). I enjoyed 1910 even though I don't know who all the other characters are or everything that happened during this period of history which frames this volume. I think that most people who may have been a little scared off from the density and non-conventional narrative structure of Black Dossier, will enjoy 1910, which I think is satisfying unto itself, even though I get the feeling a good part of this chapter hints at what will come in the next two volumes. I especially enjoyed the parts of 1910 in which various characters sing their dialogues (1910 and I believe all of Century is based on The Threepenny Opera) and hope that Moore's plan to someday actually make an audio version of Century happens.

Artist Kevin O'Neill, is the true star of 1910 for me and with every page you can tell that both he and Moore give their utmost attention to making every LOEG an entertainment vehicle that also says something about history without hitting the reader over the head. Each volume rewards re-readings that unearth new connections and discoveries to previous and future LOEG adventures and I know that I look forward to re-visiting 1910.


Andrea Walter said...

I'm very happy I picked this up today but I doubt I will be able to read it till the weekend! :(

Stupid finals.

Ralph Mathieu said...

I hope your finals go well, Andrea!