Friday, May 15, 2009

Uhura, Ephemere Ale, & shiny!

Okay none of these three things in my subject header have anything to do with each other, other than they all are a part of my store this past week.

I had my friend, Rob, track down the four new Star Trek movie glasses from Burger King as I wasn't going to buy a meal there just to buy the glasses. The glass I'm drinking from features the lovely eye candy that is Zoe Salanda who plays Uhura in the new Star Trek movie. One of my favorite scenes in the aforementioned movie is when Uhura name drops my store name (grin)!
Rob bought this fine ale last week (he's such a spendthrift!) and we decided to to drink it from our new Star Trek glasses (see above photo). Before just now looking up what the difference between ale and beer (or lager) is, I didn't know what makes one beverage ale and another beer. Now that I've looked that up on the all-knowing interwebs, I know that basically it just depends on the fermentation process. From my reading on this, the terms "beer" and "ale" can be interchangeable so I'm just going to call "ale" "beer" from now on.

I'd recommend sampling Ephemere beer if you like beer that has a fruity taste (this has an apple presence), but not too fruity, while at the same time leaving a nice lingering buzz.
Last night, I finally got my store floors stripped and waxed. In the past when I did this to my floors I employed floor services to do this, but for various reasons I wasn't entirely happy with the various crews I'd used (mostly the finished result was always great though). So over a year ago I bought my own floor buffer.

Let me tell any of you who haven't used a floor buffer - you can't just turn it on and think it's going to work like a vacuum cleaner. Floor buffers seemingly want to go wherever they want to go. So I just tucked my new buffer away until I could find someone who could show me what the trick was to using them and every few months I would just use a regular mop and floor stripper to get the ground in dirt off of my floors (and that makes for quite the workout!). Doing the floors this way made them look better, but not as polished as stripping and waxing them with a buffer.
Rob, who's been helping me with some projects at the store, had experience with buffers in a couple of the jobs he's had in the past so he said he'd tackle my machine. After my floors being the worst they've been for too long, I decided that last night we'd just get it done. We got a little later start then we wanted to (long story, many x factors involved), but Rob took to my floor buffer like he knew what he was doing (which he did) and a few hours later, the floors at Alternate Reality Comics are as shiny as I'd like them to be. I didn't bother to learn how to use the buffer this time as the job was taking us longer because I should have had two buckets and an extra mop, but I'll have the correct tools on hand next time and then I'll give the buffer a spin (hopefully without it taking me for a spin!). Even with a floor buffer, as anyone who's cleaned floors can tell you, said job is still a good workout so Rob and I definitely earned our greens last night and as the two photos above illustrate, shiny has been attained!


Andrea Walter said...

very cool floor... Where did you guys get the glasses??? I need to pick up some spock and kirk ones!

Ralph Mathieu said...

Burger King. They're two dollars each or six dollars for the set. I think you have to buy a meal. Rob got ours at the Burger King on Maryland near Desert Inn.

Andrea Walter said...

very cool! heading there later today haha

Pj Perez said...

I want to breakdance on your floor, Ralph.

Hey, you have any copies of the Nextwave trades in stock? I need to pick 'em up. :)

Ralph Mathieu said...

Pj, I have the first Nextwave trade in stock, but not the second one. I'll check to see if it's still available from my distributor.

Breakdancing is only allowed on my store floors on the 32nd of every month.

Pj Perez said...

Why must you hate on the breakdancing? ARGH.

I have no Nextwave trades, so maybe I will come down and pick up the first volume.

If I can get away from the chains holding me down. The man!