Monday, November 2, 2009

FreakAngels volume 3

This past week, FreakAngels volume 3 came out by Warren Ellis and artist Paul Duffield. If you've already read the first two volumes or the online version (of which they've been doing six pages a week since February, 2008), you already know what a fantastic series this is. FreakAngels definitely has a cyberpunk vibe to it as it's set in a post apocalyptic England, centering around eleven 23-year-old guys and gals who are trying to live and defend Whitechapel. The characters are all interesting, with this volume having some strong scenes with Kaitlyn (the gal on the cover pictured here), one of the self-appointed police. FreakAngels is one of those series that you can't read fast enough and that you'll come back to repeatedly until the next volume (or online episode) comes out.
As anyone can see from this interior page from FreakAngels volume 3 and the cover above, the true star of this book is artist Paul Duffield. Seriously, I don't see how anyone could look at this art and not fall instantly in love with it. Duffield's art has the beauty of Josh Middleton's art, but Paul Duffield is able to do the high quality of art he does on a regular basis so I'm doubly amazed. Why isn't there widespread awe / praise for Duffield's art (FreakAngels does well at my store and I suspect at other stores that carry it, but I think it should be doing well EVERYWHERE)? Go here and pass on the FreakAngels love:

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