Friday, November 27, 2009

Holiday graphic novel sale!

Here at Alternate Reality Comics, I don't have any $600.00 plasma television sets or $500.00 washer & dryer sets for Black Friday, but I like to think my graphic novel sale is even more exciting (grin)! The sale starts today and runs until the end of December, so come on by if you're not exhausted from going to the big box stores or want to avoid that scene altogether. Just my way of putting the reading back into the holidays and pricing graphic novels at a price point that gives people's pocketbooks a break (also as thanks for patronage at my store throughout the year).
Details of the sale are spelled out pretty clearly here at the store and I'm fairly certain that anyone, regardless of what kinds of comic books they like, will find a graphic novel for a ridiculously low price to gift to others (or have a hard time not keeping for themselves!).

End of my crass commercialism blog entry, thanks for considering Alternate Reality Comics for your gift getting needs and I hope all of my friends and people who read Ich Liebe Comics have a wonderful rest of the Thanksgiving weekend!

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