Thursday, November 5, 2009

monsters - the flip side of erotic freedom

monsters is a new graphic novel by Ken Dahl about STDs (sexually transmitted diseases), or more specifically herpes, relationships, and coming to terms with telling others true things about yourself. Just this morning as I was finishing reading monsters knowing I was going to write an entry here on this excellent graphic novel, the irony of this entry appearing right after my entry on Alan Moore's 25,000 Years of Erotic Freedom serves as an example of perfect planning on my part (except, I DID'NT plan to practically read these two books back to back and write entries on them in that order, and additionally, Alan Moore's new book is about pornography, not sexual relationships people have and what could happen). Having said that though, just as I feel Alan Moore's 25,000 Years of Erotic Freedom is must reading on the topic of pornography, Ken Dahl's monsters should be essential reading for everyone as cartoonist Jeffrey Brown (Clumsy, Sulk) says on the back cover "for anyone who has had sex, is going to have sex or wants to have sex."

monsters is an unflinching, graphic (graphic in that things a person would not rather look at are illustrated, but they need to be), highly informative and entertaining graphic novel about HSV (Herpes Simplex Virus) and STDs in general. Ken Dahl, through the characters in monsters, shows that many people have STDs that they aren't aware of (and of course they range in severity and the ability to pass them on to others) and how difficult it can be to come to terms with the realization once you discover you have an STD. The characters in the book, like just about all of us, have a had time telling others important truths about themselves for fear of what other people's reactions will be. But as Dahl shows in monsters, the ramifications of not being truthful (especially about something as serious as STDs) will be awful for others you're involved with (and yourself, unless you don't have a conscience). monsters shows that having STDs isn't the end of the world (although I'm sure it can seem that way when you first discover you have them). Yes STDs can be horrific and uncomfortable to experience both physically and mentally as you have to tell others, but as with almost anything, educating yourself and others about what this means going forward is of the utmost importance and WILL allow a person to live within that reality in a better place than if you just ignore / deny the reality of your new situation. monsters is often really funny also and although many would not think about reading a book (or comic) about STDs, seriously monsters is anything but a chore to read.


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