Thursday, September 16, 2010

1 Month 2 Live

This week I finally got caught up on the past few week's new comic book releases (had a little store move to do that kept me away from my lifeblood - grin). One of the pleasant surprises amongst my reading was Marvel's 1 Month 2 Live, a five issue weekly comic about an average joe, Dennis Sykes, who while trying to be a good samaritan, ends up almost literally getting toxic waste throw down his throat. Dennis ends up in the hospital of course, told he only has a month to live, and discovers he has developed a pretty powerful super-power as a side effect of the toxic waste (isn't that what always happens - grin!?). But from this cliched premise, Rick Remender and artist Andrea Mutti manage to tell a really compelling story about a man who is trying to make his last remaining month of life make a difference, especially for his niece, Kelly (who Dennis and his wife are raising after her parents died).

Besides being a five issue weekly comic, the other interesting aspect of 1 Month 2 Live is that each of the five issues are written and drawn by a different creative team. Rotating creative teams on a title are usually a huge turn off for me, but here, three issues in, the different creators involved have obviously planned this out and 1 Month 2 Live has me eagerly awaiting how the remaining two issues play out (and I especially like the art by artist newcomer, Shane White in issue three). 1 Month 2 Live is set in the Marvel Universe, so each issue has characters like the Fantastic Four and Spider-Man involved in what is happening to Dennis.

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