Thursday, September 2, 2010

Alternate Reality Comics enters the future!

New address for the next sixteen years of Alternate Reality Comics is 4110 S. Maryland Pkwy. #8, Las Vegas, NV. 89119, right next to Buffalo Exchange (behind Long John Silver's) at the Maryland & Flamingo intersection.

This photo, is of course of my front doors (yup, the place is so much bigger that it needs two doors - grin!) with my new door art featuring store mascot, Epstein, as rendered by my store artist, Ron Horsely, who also designed my website and the art for signs I have around the interior of the store - some of which will be HUGE exterior window images within a couple of weeks). This photo was taken at about 3am Wednesday morning after I fine tuned the store for yesterday's big debut. My huge exterior store sign and exterior window designs could take as much as three weeks until they're done, but my sign company is going to put up a temporary banner until tomorrow until the other ones are done (and right now I have a neon Batman and Superman sign above the front doors that are super visible from afar.
This is an interior shot of the new space (and this is just the left half!) that I think will give people who haven't stopped by yet a little idea of just how much bigger Alternate Reality Comics now is (it's really amazing that everything I have in the new space fit in the old location). I still have some fine tuning to do around the store, such as filling display cases and putting up a display of original art and posters, but I wanted to share one photo of how the store looks at the early stage. The store's about 80% of where I want it to be, and I think it'll be fun to unfold the other things I'm doing with the new space over the next few weeks.

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Ryan Claytor said...


I know I've gushed before, but, WOW!!! This looks so killer. I love the spacious look and the consistent color scheme and the yellow chez lounge and And AND!!! I'm more psyched than ever to pay you a visit.

55 days and counting,

Ryan Claytor
Elephant Eater Comics