Friday, September 10, 2010

Lark Pien art @ Casa Ralph & Kate!

Lark Pien is an awesome artist (and person!) who lives in fabulous San Francisco (and can also speak German!). She's most beloved by people who know her art for her small canvas paintings, but her art prowess knows no boundaries (some of her may know her from her comic Long Tail Kitty). The paintings here in this photo are ones I've bought from Lark at the San Diego Comic-Con over the years (of all the art we have around our house, these paintings get the most love - click on photo to enlarge!). For more Lark Pien eye candy, visit her blog at:

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Happy New Comic Wednesday 9/20/17 - Batman Red Death, Batman, Super Sons, Black Hammer, Signing with creators of Buried: Last Days of Mankind; Raphael Duarte (all the way from Brazil!) & Ron C. Williams!

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