Tuesday, June 24, 2008

art in San Fran pt. 2

The Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco was having a Frida Kahlo exhibition, but they didn't allow people to take pictures (I can understand that) so I took what I think is a cool photo outside of their gift shop.
Cool Frida dolls at the gift shop. I thought the Frida exhibit was impressive in how it presented an overview of Frida's art and life. Fortunately Kate and I got there right when it opened because this got crowded in a hurry!

This is part of the exterior of the new Contemporary Jewish Museum (just two weeks old!), a very amazing museum. And you don't have to be Jewish to visit (I'm not)!

Through September 7th, the Contemporary Jewish Museum is having a William Steig exhibit. Steig had done cartoons for The New Yorker for 70 years (!!), wrote many beloved childrens books such as Slyvester and the Magic Pebble (Kate had read many of them as a child - I somehow was deprived), and created Shrek! of which three movies were made of course and a Broadway musical is getting ready to debut. People also weren't allowed to take photos here, so I took this photo from outside the building (click on photo to appreciate Steig's art).
This was hanging in the Museum of Modern Art and I don't consider it art (nor does Kate). Actually I'm thankful that the Museum of Modern Art was having a Frida exhibition because just about everything else was what I call pretentious art (just lines or colors next to each other). I often say that one person's treasure is another person's trash (or vice versa), but I think that most of what is called modern art is just people seeing what they can get away with (please feel free to comment here as to why I'm wrong or stop by my store to offer other viewpoints).

Kate and I also stopped by the Cartoon Art of San Francisco and while I'm glad they have such a museum, I was mostly underwhelmed and think they could easily do a much better job on presentation and or content.

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