Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Big Barda is colored!

About two months ago I got the black outline done on my Big Barda tattoo. I was hoping to get it done all in one session like my Promethea tattoo that Dirk Vermin did for me two years ago (which took three and a half hours), but I was glad Dirk wanted to let the black heal first because it hurt much more than I remembered and I didn't want to be the one to call off the session.

So last night was color time, with Dirk Vermin again bringing on the pain! I closed my eyes again almost 93% of the whole session because I didn't want to see how much was still left to do and Kate took funny photos of me being a drama king and telling me that my face was going to freeze that way. Dirk expected it to take two hours to color Big Barda, but he did it in just under one and a half hour. I was partly surprised he didn't take any breaks, but while part of me wanted to make the pain stop for a few minutes, the other part of me just said don't bother the artist, he's in a groove, the pain shall pass and I'll have an awesome tattoo! Actually the color session didn't hurt as much (but it still hurt) as the black session, Kate said that was because he could use broader needles to cover more color space than the needles used for the black outline.

The finished tat! My friend Jason Hall hates the word tat, so I wanted to make sure I used that here a few times (grin)! Thanks Dirk, now I can go to the San Diego Comic-Con at the end of June and represent the wonderful art of Jack King Kirby (especially at the Kirby tribute panel)!

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