Friday, June 6, 2008

Drink & Draw 6/5!

Last night's Drink & Draw, while not as well attended as the other ones I've been to, was still a lot of fun, proving that it's not the number of people around you that matters, but rather the QUALITY of the people around you.

This fun version of Epstein was drawn by Karla, a customer of mine (I also got a cool Epstein illo from Charles Hobert) and it was great to see her there as she's such a positive, happy, energetic person.

Besides Karla (and some other people I didn't know, but seemed cool), it was good to see my other store friends Cooper, Tory, Brent, and Shannon and they're all great artists (Cooper showed me some pages from something he's working on that looks really fun and different). Holly was also there showing off her artistic shops and representing Comic Oasis.

One of the lovely Alvarez sisters and a good friend, Martha, her boyfriend Edgar, and his brother Sergio (from right to left after my scary self) also popped in and we had a fun time supporting the local economy (grin)!

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Camila said...

hey, I KNOW THEM! :P