Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Rory Root's memorial

Saturday night Kate and I attended Rory Root's memorial, which was held at his store in Berkeley. Rory had been in comic book / gaming retailing fo almost 30 years, with almost 20 of those years as the owner of Comic Relief The Comic Book Bookstore.
Rory was a pillar of knowledge on many things as he was a voracious reader and from stories people told at the memorial, he'd always find a comic that any person who wandered into his store, would love.
This hat is one of the ones that Rory wore all the time. It was sad to see that hat without its "owner", but even sadder to hear from Todd (long time manager of Comic Relief, now the big guy, as he was handed the torch), that the hospital lost Rory's silver coffee mug, which was also always with Rory.
The turnout of people who showed up for Rory's memorial was every bit as big as I thought it would be because he truely was a giant in this industry in addition to being well-loved.
Kate and myself. I'm wearing a hat similar to one of the hats Rory always wore in his memory, others did the same (actually on the comic book retailer side, it was Jim Hanley's idea). Rory is already missed, but as more time goes by this industry will miss him even more as he was such an innovator who really was instrumental in helping this medium find bigger audiences.

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