Thursday, June 5, 2008

POS debuts!

After an extensive weekend that continued into Tuesday morning of entering in ALL of my store's inventory, I now have a fancy POS (point of sale) system set up in my store for better inventory and ordering management. Additionally I'll have a lot of data about my store available at my fingertips which should really streamline operations in my quest to find good homes for good comics, graphic novels, and manga!

Entering in the store inventory took WAY longer than I thought it would and my pillow has missed me all week. Thankfully Sunday I had Paul (my Sunday person) helping me enter the seemingly never ending volumes and issues and Monday afternoon my other good friends Camila, Evan, and Frankie helped me out for a few hours. Thanks troopers!

My new POS system (with software created and used by comic stores for five years now, by Mark Richman of and Ben of the excellent Star Clipper Comics in St. Louis) takes the place of my old dinosaur register and I now have snazzy itemized receipts. The first photo shows the view from behind the sales counter and the second photo is what people see when they approach the counter. Actually the configuration as shown in the first photo will be somewhat different next week as the brother of another friend of mine, Barney, is building me a shelf for my cash drawer so that'll go in the counter.

I'll be at Drink and Draw tonight for the Thursday gathering for anyone who is creative or just likes to be around creative / artistic people, pouring Blue Moons down my throat (actually I'm a lightweight so I'm saying two or three will do me just fine)! People generally show up about 8ish at Mickie Finnz 425 E. Fremont (on the corner of LVBLD), so if anyone reading this doesn't already have plans come on down and help me clear / wash away all the inventory that is still going on in my head!