Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Harry's 40th B-day pt.2!

Harry with my wife, Kate. Kate and myself aren't the biggest party people in the world, but every once in a while we like to let our hair down. Harry's 40th b-day pirate bash was one of the very best parties I've ever been to, of course any house party that has The Vermin playing live couldn't suck if it tried!
This is me with Alex (Alex is on the left). Alex is another longtime friend and he used to be my Sunday guy at the store.

Alex and Lauren. They should get married to each other (grin)!

Harry helping out The Vermin with the evening's merriment. Harry's been a police officer here in Vegas for eleven plus years - it's something he keeps a low profile about. I think part of that's due to what his job as an officer (SGT. now) entails, but I think it's also because of some people's misguided stereotypes of what kind of person a police officer is. Trust me, having known Harry for something like fourteen years now (and having been to parties at his house in which some of his other friends whom are also police officers attended - like Saturdays), all police officers I've encountered are totally solid people (hell, you have to be to do the things they deal with on a daily basis). Sorry for the digression just now, but I do think it was an important one to make.

So at once point someone shouted out that the pirate wenches needed to gather up front and center so here they are!

Harry's old! Actually like I tell anyone when I tell them my age, comics will keep us young!


Leilani said...

We are so glad you guys had fun. We had a blast. There were so many cool costumes and old friends. It looks like you took some great pics. You should share (hint hint).
Love ya Ralph!
BTW you spelled the name right and even if you didn't I wouldn't kill you ; )

Anonymous said...

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