Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mononoke tattoo

Yesterday afternooon one of my customers was sporting this awesome full arm tattoo (also called a "sleeve" in tattoo lingo) of the Kodamas (tree spirits) from the great Princess Mononoke anime by Hayao Miyazaki from 1997. I'm not the biggest fan of tattoo sleeves, because I often think that the tattoos just all blend together and the person that got them hadn't thought out very carefully what the visual effect of their tattoos would be and or they just ended up getting sleeves because they ran out of room for areas on their bodies upon which to put another tattoo. This Kodamas arm sleeve is an excellent example of someone who has really thought out how to have a tattoo sleeve that even people that don't know what Kodamas are would appreciate as a great work of art.


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Tracie Tsuneya said...

That's so awesome!
I was thinking about getting a Princess Mononoke tattoo myself.