Friday, May 30, 2008

Judenhass arrives

Yesterday, Dave Sim's Judenhass arrived to finer comic stores everywhere. Judenhass is German for "jew hatred" and with Judenhass Sim has found quotes from people throughout history and the anti-semantic things they've said to show that jew hatred wasn't just central to Nazi Germany. Judenhass is only $4.00 for 50 pages and the book is a high quality production all around as Dave Sim wanted to produce a book on the Holocaust that was afforable and that could show what this medium is capable of.

The art is in a high quality photo realistic style, actually Sim has used photos from throughout history and turned them into fine line illustrations that are very poignant. Judenhass is a book I'll always have in stock and I think everyone should read and share this with others, because in its 50 short pages it very powerfully communicates why any kind of hatred is wrong and a blight on humanity. As I've mentioned when I first read the preview copy a couple of months ago, I'll be donating the profits of Judenhass at my store to the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C. and will fire off a check reflecting my initial order upon finishing this entry.

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