Friday, May 23, 2008

Homburg part two

Continuing my flashback to Kate and my Germany trip in May of last year...

This is Rick in front of a head shop, notice the lovely bongs (hey, I was a big Cheech and Chong fan, so it's cool to see Germany "representing")!
This is me and Nicole in Homburg. Her sister, Lorraine, and their mom, Zena, where there also, but for whatever dumb reason I didn't get a picture with them there).

This is a local Homburg, traditonal band, totally setting the mood for our Germany excursion!

On this town celebration, Maifest, last year, Homburg also had a really cheesy fashion show going on, but it was awesome in a "what the F" kind of way!

This is me being a dork.

Today here in Vegas, it's rainy (!!) and around 77 degrees, so the weather is definitely reminding me of Germany. Kate and I had such a fantastic time in Germany and I'd highly recommend visting because the people are great, the weather is pretty great, the architecture just screams with so much wonderful character, and the place is rich in history almost everywhere you turn. I was surprised with how much of the German language I'd remembered, but really even if you don't speak German, a lot of German people speak English. And everyone knows that "beer" is "beer" in just about any language, right!? Speaking of beer, shortly after coming back from Germany I discovered that my favorite kind of beer is dunkel (dark) beer and the one I drink semi-regularly is called Warsteiner. Auf Wiedersehen!

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