Friday, May 9, 2008

Welcome Nolan!

My friend, PJ and his wife, Brooke, had their baby on Sunday, April, 27th. Nolan Wahlquist is their son's name and he's really cute.

This is me and Nolan. I wonder if PJ lobbied to name their baby Luke, Han, or Indiana!?

Those of you who know PJ, know that he doesn't usually have a white eye patch on his eye. Well over this past weekend he was doing some yard work and somehow ran a scrub branch into his eye! Fortunately it didn't actually puncture any part of his eye according to what the doctor told him, so hopefully his eye will return to "normal" before too long. I told Brooke that PJ was just starved for all the attention that she and Nolan had been getting, but now I'm thinking that he just wanted to also get out of yard work (grin)! Seriously though, I'm sure that hurt like HELL and I hope that he's going to be all right (Brooke drove him to my store on Wednesday to get his new comics and his patch was off - his eye of course didn't look like it's supposed to, but he said it should be shortly).


Camila said...

wow, what a big totoro toy and cut baby!

I love other people's babies! :DDD

Camila said...

cut baby?

that sounds so emo :(

I meant to say cute baby*****


Ralph Mathieu said...

Yes, cut bad - cute good! We also like other people's babies.