Thursday, August 30, 2007

AnimeVegas this weekend

The 4th annual AnimeVegas will be this Labor Day weekend (Saturday, Sunday, and Monday). I've attended (and have had a booth) the previous three years (I'll have one this year also so stop by and say hi!) and it's always a fun time. The guest of honor this year is Yoko Ishida, who has recorded theme songs for many anime shows as well as doing voice work. There'll be a performance by Yoko Ishida as well as a signing afterwards. As with previous AnimeVegas' there'll be other voice actors, j-pop performers, and various dealers selling all of the anime things you NEED (ha - but seriously, the Japanese are the kings of cute!). There's also all day and night anime screenings (two new animes I'd recommend are Beck and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzuniya), cosplay (people who dress up as their favorite characters), and a variety of panels featuring guests and events such as Japanese bingo, a dating Sim demo, and charity auctions.

Both of the photos here are from AnimeVegas 2006.

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