Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Fantastic Wieringo

Mike Wieringo, artist most known for his work on the Flash, Fantastic Four, his creator owned Tellos, and as co-creator / artist of Impulse, died of a massive heart attack Sunday, August 12th at the way too young age of 44.

I've been a fan of his artwork for a long time, but sadly never talked to him or told him how much I enjoyed his art so I never knew the Mike Wieringo that fellow creators that worked with him and fans that did talk to him at conventions and elsewhere are talking about through message boards and blogs all over the internet. As much as Mike Wieringo's art was universally loved, Mike Wieringo, as a person was even more loved and now missed. On www.newsarama.com, artist Cully Hamner has a beautiful, sad eulogy for Mike Wieringo. Over on http://savagecritic.com, if you scroll down the August 14th posts until you get to Abhay's post titled "Just A Note About Mike Wieringo...", he excerpts some writing from Mike Weiringo's blog that shows those who didn't know Mike Wieringo what he was like.

This morning I re-read my favorite work that Mike Wieringo did with Mark Waid, a Fantastic Four storyline collected as Fantastic Four: Hereafter. Basically, Reed, Sue, and Johnny go to heaven to bring Ben back to this mortal realm. Who the Fantastic Four meet in heaven I'll leave to those of you who haven't read this story yet, but this is a favorite because it works as a great tribute and because on some levels it is a breaking of the fourth wall story, my favorite kind of story. Every panel of this story was lovingly rendered by Mike Wieringo and it'll always be one of the benchmark Fantastic Four stories.

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