Friday, August 24, 2007

John Stamos is Preacher!

Garth Ennis at the 1996 San Diego Comic-Con with the Preacher action figure I made for him out of a John Stamos (actor from tv's Full House) doll I bought at a Toys R Us. The pants are from a Skipper doll (and thus don't button up in the back because Jesse has a bigger ass than Skipper) and the shirt was air brushed black by my friend Jim who owns Cosmic Comics here in Vegas. Kate and I, with a marker, stubbled up his face (the John Stamos doll, not Garth's) and reddened up his eyes.
Before giving my homemade Preacher action figure to Garth (and I made this figure well before Vertigo made theirs), one early morning before leaving Vegas for the convention I went to a local church to pose the Preacher doll next to their statue of St. Viator (I hadn't thought of what I would have done if a church official had come out while I was doing that!). I wonder if Garth still has his John Stamos Preacher action figure?

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