Saturday, August 18, 2007

Mark Twain liebe comics!

"The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who can't read them." - Samuel Clemens

Chance In Hell is Gilbert Hernadez's (of Love and Rockets fame) newest graphic novel and if you've never read anything by Gilbert Hernandez, this is a good book to sample. His storytelling style is probably best described as a cross between David Lynch and Gabriel Garcia Marquez. After experiencing a Gilbert Hernandez comic you'll see why he's considered an alternative comics pioneer.

Initial D is just a really good manga (drawn in a very atypical style for manga) about street racing, specifically mountain street racing (also called drifting). The main character is Tak, who started off as a tofu delivery driver (seriously this isn't as wonky as it sounds) and he's hard to beat when he's in his Eight Six. While Initial D is mostly about racing and cars (and heavily researched racing and cars at that), it also has a great cast of regular characters. Initial D is very kinetic and at twenty seven volumes already it's still very engaging and I always look forward to a new volume even though prior to reading this manga I had no interest in any kind of car races. There's also a very good Initial D anime (the manga goes beyond the anime) and there's a live action movie, but I haven't seen that.

The Black Canary mini series which wrapped up this week was really entertaining on all fronts and I'm looking forward to the Green Arrow and Black Canary Wedding Special as well as the series they'll share together later this year. Booster Gold was also a pleasant surprise as I've never been a huge Booster Gold fan or fan of time travel stories. This could be one of the sleeper hits of the year.

Hellblazer has really picked up for me with the addition of Andy Diggle writing this book and Leonardo Maco's art is perfect for this title. With issue six of The Brave and the Bold, Mark Waid and George Perez deliver another solid comic that harkens back to the way comic books read and looked from yesteryear without being clunky or feeling dated.

I wonder what Mark Twain's favorite comics would be?

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