Friday, August 17, 2007

Good As Derek Kirk Kim

The newest Minx graphic novel came out this week and it's one of the best books I've read recently (my other favorite Minx title is Plain Janes). I've liked Derek Kirk Kim after reading his other great graphic novel Same Difference and Other Stories which came out in 2003 that he wrote and drew. When I first heard about Good As Lily I was a little concerned that it wouldn't be as good as Same Difference because Kim wasn't drawing it, but somehow they've found a clone of Kim named Jesse Hamm who really does a bang up job on the art (seriously it is eerie though how similar his style is to Kim's).

The Minx line from DC was mainly created to attract more of a female audience, but of course that doesn't mean that guys won't like books like Good As Lily or Plain Janes unless they need all of their entertinment to have lots of explosions, slugfests, or other testosterone elements. Good As Lily has great characters that are instantly likeable and grow within the story. I don't want to talk much about the premise of Good As Lily because it's better through self discovery, but the situations that arise from the premise lead to some really good humor bits and good quite moments.

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