Thursday, August 9, 2007

the big show pt.3

San Diego 2007 continued... So now the San Diego convention is being called the new Cannes in some circles (actually they should be calling it the popular culture Cannes because the indy / arty side of the medium isn't really talked about at all, rather it's just the loud, shiny, expensive projects that are getting promoted). With me in this photo is Lark Pien. She was nominated for best colorist this year for American Born Chinese, which she didn't win, but she was happy when American Born Chinese won for best original graphic novel. Every year for the past several years Lark Pien sells these small uber cute canvas paintings and this ends up being one of my favorite purchases from the convention. She also does mini comics including Long Tailed Kitty (

Kate dressed as a variation on Poison Ivy.

The new Flash!! I was joking with Kate that we should have had kids so that we could torture them through costumes. Actually, I'm sure the kids dressed in costumes were having a great time and I'd bet it's a struggle to get them out of their costumes. On the last day of the convention, as we were leaving in the lobby, there was a little group of kids dressed as Nightwing, Scarecrow, Catwoman, and the Punisher and they were mock fighting each other. Unfortunately I didn't get any good pictures of them.
This photo of Jack Kirby's New Gods as action figures is from DC's website and even though I didn't see them at the show, they said these prototypes were there. I don't follow much in the way of action figures, but these look fantastic and will look excellent next to my Darwyn Cooke New Frontier figures.

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