Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bottomless Belly Button

Another great graphic novel - I feel like a broken record this week, but this is a good thing, an actual embarrassment of riches for lovers of the sequential art medium. Today's book submitted for your consideration is Bottomless Belly Button, written and drawn by Dash Shaw and published by Fantagraphics Books. Bottomless Belly Button is over 700 pages for just $29.99 and while at first when you pick up this book, you think "wow, 700 pages!", but it actually reads fairly quickly, while being incredibly substantial at the same time.
Bottomless Belly Button is about the Loony family, who have come together upon the announcement that their parents are getting divorced after forty years of marriage. There's no forced drama within ala Lifetime television productions, rather Shaw has characters that react / process this new development in their family dynamic in the varied ways that people go through. The story construction of Bottomless Belly Button is similar to Alex Robinson's graphic novel Tricked or the movie Crash, without being derivative or too clever. The art evokes that of Jeffrey Brown (Clumsy, Sulk) and has a kind of slacker, leisurely pace that perfectly complements the rhythm of the story and characters.

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